Founded in 2017, will keep its main focus on menswear, particularly my own personal style.

I have never favored certain brands, choosing rather to focus on how you can combine different items in all prize ranges to end up creating a unique and personalized outfit. To me, a great outfit is well put together when everything is cohesive. Besides my take on menswear, you will also be updated on my favourite go-to places in my hometown, Aarhus and hopefully through the screen experience a relaxed, humours atmosphere when browsing through this blog.


· I’ve got a bachelors degree in Social Education.

· I work full time as a social educator (pædagog) in a kindergarten class.

· I’ve been modeling for almost 7 years, currently signed with Diva Models in Denmark, Lind Models & Nouveau Models in Sweden, and Model Pool in Germany.

· I’ve been a professional Instagram’er since January 2015.

· I’ve worked with following brands (press name for websites):

Skincare: Ecooking

Gadgets: Beoplay


Kaibosh, AN IvyIlkjær Eyewear, Louis Abel, Morris Watches


Won HundredHummel, Shoe The Bear, GabbaOrganic Basics, AsketJack & Jones, Adaysmarch, Fonda Sublime, Tommy HilfigerLegendsWearecph & Broadwayandsons


· Besides clothing, I have a huge passion for music.

· Pretty much don’t go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses, because who doesn’t look cool with those on?

· Most importantly; I don’t take myself, or life for that matter, too serious – Live, love and above all, laugh!!

Welcome 🙂