ig-ban2017 is about to end and what a crazy year it has been workwise.

I launched here on Bloggers Delight, a blog platform that really gives me the opportunity to be creative in both writing and content, and I’ve steadly grown my Instagram account to something I’d never imagined! Both platforms are something that I’m proud of, but also grateful for. Mostly grateful for all the many opportunities I’ve gotten. Most importantly all the amazing people I’ve met on this realtively short journey, and all the kindness and support I get from readers and followers. Though I spent most time on Instagram, 2018 is definitely the year where I will try my best to work harder on this platform, creating content that hopefully will be to your enjoyment.

Below, I’ve put together the 9 most popular posts from my Instagram account in 2017, only calculating likes – Of course, also linking to all of the (available) items:

kris-ig-9Here, I’m in my ASOS army green suit. I am never gonna be a fan of slim fit suits, especially slim fit dresspants. I used to wear slim fit jeans, chinos all the time, but since I’ve changed style wearing mostly wide legged pants, they just don’t feel comfortable anymore. I like this suit very much, because I both feel comfortable, without feeling too dressed up, yet it still is wearable for occasions where it needs to be a bit more dressy. The suit is actually still available on ASOS.

Pants here and blazer here

kris-ig-8This shot got so many compliments. Not so much on Instagram, but mostly from people who’d seen it, and thought it was a really good photographer who captured it. The funny thing is, it is actually taken with my iPhone 7, with the front camera……by myself 😛 I’d just finished a round of dodge ball with the kids, and sent them off to class, whilst I had my lunch break. I was sitting just cooling off (because yes, I am kicking the kids’ asses in every sport I can) and the light hit me. So I just thought, this would be a cool shot to really showcase the ring I’m wearing and also the glasses, and voila. That’s the shot you see right there. I’ve add’ed a filter on it, but that’s it. Not editing light, contrast or anything like that. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought an iPhone X?? ; )

Glasses here and ring here

kris-ig-7This picture is taken in front of La Cabra, perhaps the best coffee shop in Aarhus. Being inspired by the Japanese street style, with European inspiration form the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s I think I managed to capture just that in this shot. Maybe the 1.227 people who liked it, thought the same?

I’m wearing a sixpence hat from Stetson from Blue Caviar here , Glasses from ILKJÆR here, Tee from from Organic Basics hereJacket by Harris Wharf London from CareofCarl hereRing from FrederikIX heredress pants are from ASOS (The same as picture 9) and sneakers from Commes Des Garçon here

kris-ig-6If you have followed me for a while, or read this blog, you’d know my heart is big for the Swedish vintage store, Broadway & Sons. Yes, the clothes they collect are amazing, but the Asseraf family is even more incredible. Always super kind towards me, and people I both admire and have grown very fond of. One of my favourite items from the store, is this US army shirt that I’ve worn religiously this spring, and summer. It is super versatile, both tucked in the pants as here, but is definitely also something I put on for a more casual wear, during summer with denim shorts. Here, the shirt is put together with my Universal Works pants. (you can get them 50% off right now here) and German Army sneakers, also from Broadway & Sons.

kris-ig-5A more recent shot. It is also the last picture I took for the TommyxThechainsmokers campaign I did. (You can read more about that here) It is probably my standard every day outfit. It’s still my style, but is also appropriate and relaxed for the job I have.

I’m wearing Stetson sixpence (the same as in picture 7, sweat shirt from Bread & Boxers here, pants from ASOS (sold out), Commes De Garcon sneakers, and of course, my Tommy Hilfiger x The Chainsmokers tote bag which you can get here.

kris-ig-4A couple of months ago, I was interviewed by one of Denmarks biggest news papers, ‘Jyllandsposten’ guiding the people of Aarhus on where to find cool clothes, good restaurants, and where they’d find the best view. This picture was used in the newspaper, and was also pretty popular on Instagram, totalling 1.463 likes. It is also a very distinctive look, and would probably go unnoticed in Japan, but here in Aarhus, people definitely looked twice. Whether that is good or bad, I’ll let others decide. The location is at Trøjborg, one of the most popular places in Aarhus, and it was my good friend Lasse Ribergård who helped me find the spot. So thanks buddy!

kris-ig-3Taken by my British friend, Tommy Lee Winkworth at ‘Storkespringvandet’ in Copenhagen, people were stoked about my new Tommy x The Chainsmokers shearling jacket. I think it’s the most commented picture on my Instagram profile, and probably also the item I’ve been asked most about, besides my German Army Sneakers from Broadway & Sons. It was also my most liked picture at that time with more than 1.644 likes. This jacket does exactly what it’s supposed to. Creating statement, in a relatively toned down outfit. It is by far, also the jacket that people have complimented most on, whenever I’ve worn it. Which is alot.

My glasses are from ILKJÆRmy sweater is from ASKET heremy pants are from Universal Works heresneakers are from Wood Wood here

kris-ig-2And here it is again. This time I paired the jacket with a black Won Hundred knit sweater here, vintage striped french & german cook pants, and of course, classic Brandt, a pair of white sneakers. These are from Novesta and you can get them hereThe jacket has likes written all over it apparently, because this picture topped the other one and comes in at second place with more than 1.700 likes.

kris-ig-1And the winning picture is……..The picture my brother took. Out of all people. HAHA! My brother is my complete opposite. He hates social media, and whenever I need him to take a picture, he can’t stop laughing at me, so getting this shot was actually pretty amazing. Why this is a favourite on Instagram, is certainly because it is Christmas, but it’s not for the cool location in the picture, neither the HD. My brother couldn’t seem to get the focus right, so it’s a little blurry if you look closely. Maybe, it’s also got to do with the fact, that the SPO Blazer definitely is a standout, and because I’m usually not this dressed up. And definitely not this dressed up for Christmas. If you’ve seen my Zalando videos, you’d know I’m much more of a hoodie and sweatpants guy Christmas eve. My glasses are once again, from ILKJÆR, my turtleneck is from PREMIUM by J&J (available in Bruuns Galleri), my pants and sneakers are from Broadway & Sons.

So there you have it. #bestnine

I’m looking forward to see what 2018 brings, and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



  • Stærke outfits! Og selv tak for hjælpen med location-spotting 😀 Haha! Håber du er kommet godt ind i 2018, Brandt!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Kristian Brandt

      Tak tak Lassø 🙂 Det er jeg bestemt! Håber jeg også du kom!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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