tn-2017-section-video-poster-desktop-dataDuring the last two months, I’ve had the honor alongside Tommy Winkworth, of showcasing the Tommy Hilfiger fall campaign with The Chainsmokers on our Instagram accounts. In this feature collaboration, you are met with print, color blocking and distinctive details in a line that was created to be both timeless and on-trend.

If you don’t know who The Chainsmokers are, you’ve either lived under a rock, don’t turn on any radio whatsoever or have never heard of streaming services. The multi-platinum EDM-pop DJ duo whose real names are Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, have sold over 20 million records worldwide, and famous for songs like “Closer”, “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Something Just Like This”. They were also just listed as third on Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid DJs list for 2017 with earnings of $38 million.

unnamedTommy Hilfiger has been quoted saying:“The Chainsmokers are at the center of modern pop culture and their music resonates with a global audience. I admire the way they have carved out a new niche that fuses indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Alex and Drew are truly the perfect definition of today’s Tommy Guy. Their talent, optimism, unique sound, and effortless cool have made them standout in the music world. ”

img_5386The TommyxThechainsmokers canvas bag

With high standards like that, it has of course been an honor representing the collection nationwide in Denmark, but certainly also being part of something that has global resonance.

For me, I chose classic items from the collection that I not only combined with other personal wardrobe clothing, but also knew would transition into multiple seasons to come. For Tommy Lee, it’s been the same, though he has approached the project in a more edgy rock’n’roll style which I think has created a good diversity in really letting people see a wide range in the collection.

A little side info: Tommy Lee Winkworth is from the U.K, having settled down in Copenhagen with his longtime girlfriend, working full-time as a model for Scoop Models. He has also done freelance work for Danish PR. Company PRD, which is actually where I met him for the first time. Tommy is that guy you can’t help but love. Kind, never judge-mental, and with a sense of humour right up my alley: The Let’s just live, love and above all laugh approach – You can follow his antics here like I, and the rest of his 20k+ fanbase ; )

Whether we’ve been able to embody that cool, unique Tommy guy, I’ll let you be the judge of ; ) You can scroll down to see the pictures we have contributed with:

image-2Tommyxthechainsmokers Shearling jacket (sold out)

img_4944Tommyxthechainsmokers Short army coach jacket here

imageTommyxthechainsmokers wool coat here

img_4943Color blocked Polo here

img_2656Canvas tote bag here

img_4942Tracksuit top here

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