img_1821Gents! Here’s an introduction to a new brand – R.D.D or Royal Denim Division.fseihfeiafafe

R.D.D has been created as a sub-brand to Jack & Jones. There is no doubt, that Jack & Jones has been one of the leading companies for many years when it comes to selling jeans. But now, they have stepped up their game further, and manufactured a brand with even higher quality Japanese & Italian selvedge denim.

Selvedge is known for its higher quality of denim, but also known worldwide for its white lines which is visible when you roll up your jeans. You will also immediately feel the texture being more rigid, and combined with the untouched denim, you have an extraordinary genuine quality product, of which you can stylize and give your own personal touch in the way you choose to wear and tear your items.

R.D.D has also crafted their brand with a signature red dot, which can be seen on every item in their collection. The red dot is a reference to Japan, but also pays homage to the craftsmanship that originates from  the Japanese.

img_1836-2Their collection just landed in selected Jack & Jones flagship stores, one of them, Bruuns Galleri and will be added to the online store later on. Besides the denim jacket I am wearing, R.D.D also offers jeans, sweatshirts & belts. The price point for the denim jacket is only 1.399 DKK which is quite remarkable considering the quality.



This post is not sponsored, the jacket is.

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