mod-one6“In a world where big commercial brands are practically spitting out clothes in a matter that is unnecessary, people somehow forgot the beauty in how long a production takes, and the amount of time that is spent on a design. I wanted to created something that was of good quality that you could have in your closet for several seasons. A design should never be in a condition where it is easier to buy something new. So Mod One is really a rebel against all of that. A brand that values good quality over quantity”

– Cathrine Marie Poulsen, founder of Mod One.

mod-one17-2Before even creating Mod One, Ms. Poulsen first took an education from VIA University College in design with a thesis in fashion. She later took graduate studies, which gave her a bachelor in business & design, with focuses on fashion. Besides that, Cathrine also studied abroad, studying high-end design & Italian history of fashion in Florence.

During her studies, Cathrine became inspired by the British subculture Mod. She fell in love with its attitude, and silhuettes. The culture really embodied what Cathrine loves so much. Clothes that could create statements, with the Mod culture being a frontrunner when it comes to believing in being able to do whatever you want, no matter where you come from. Her inspiration then became more than an inspiration. It became a brand. A brand that is to be seen as a modern version of the current Mod clothing, and in late 2016, high-end brand Mod One came to life. A brand that with an uncompromising attention to the sourcing of materials and unique textile combinations, strives to make each collection result in quality pieces, thriving through its ultimate attention to detail.


Being created a little over a year ago, Cathrine introduced the brand to a former colleague, Sidsel. Sidsel was impressed by the whole idea and what the brand stood for, and ever since, the two have been partners in crime. What works well for the two ladies, is that they compliment each other well, both in strengths and weaknesses.

What both women like about creating modern clothes for men, is that it allows you to get an inside in the opposite genders values and interests when it comes to dressing and expressing himself through garments. Combined with what is current in the fashion industry now, and the female take on what that could be, you get a refined and refreshed take on modern menswear.

mod-one16There is no doubt, that Mod One has created a strong and different take on what a menswear brand can be. With fabrics in the utmost synergic quality, long and classic, yet with a twisted silhouette I have come to experience a clothing brand that really has created something that is more than just items on a hanger. There are real thoughts behind it, and you feel that.

For more info go to www.modone.dk or visit “Grocery” at Elmegade, Copenhagen.

imageMe, wearing the ‘Parka Coat Short’ – Find it here

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