riven-bildWhat I find most captivating about the social media app Instagram, is that it allows you to connect with people from all over the World. Inspiration for your own personal style, strangers suddenly becoming friends, and by random acts and coincidence, you have a good chance of discovering amazing brands. All things I’ve encountered on my social media path for the last 6 years. The story behind this brand is no different.

Some time ago, a man named Jimmy Loutfi randomly appeared in my explore feed, and I was quickly intrigued by his way of bringing back the classic, gentlemen elements to the modern mans wardrobe. With Jimmy, I not only gained inspiration, I got a friend, and was introduced to him and his partner’s recently born accessories brand, Louis Abel.


simon9219-2Louis Abel, 2017 campaign images

Founded by Swedish childhood friends Jimmy Loutfi & Massih Najafi, the idea of Louis Abel came to life in late 2016. They both had a passion for rings and bracelets but felt like the marked neglected three essential things. Accessories that were both affordable, but also fashionable and in good quality. After thoroughly searching the marked for accessories that embodied those three combined magic words, they were left rather disappointed. But instead of letting the marked be as it was, they decided to not only create their own brand, but also challenge the marked filling out the gap that seemed so obvious for these two stylish men.2270-copyMassih, with a University degree as a fashion buyer, and Jimmy who holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and product development, had their backgrounds all set to go on a mission of creating something unique. With a clear mindset, they wanted to make sure they found the right manufactures that could help craft their vision. While on that mission, they also started to draft their product ideas in computer aided design, to make sure that their ideas were not altered but stayed like they had imagined.

The gentlemen with afghan and lebanese roots respectively, didn’t take long to find what they were searching for. A couple of months after deciding to start a new accessories brand, they found a medium sized, family owned workshop in Sweden, that have worked with silver and gold for several generations. Staying true to what they had set out to be, a brand that embodies good quality for prices that should be affordable for future costumers, they were able to negotiate prices with the workshop to make sure that was not altered in any way.



While developing ideas for the entire concept of the brand, Jimmy and Massih were also figuring out, what name would be fitting for their accessories. In all honesty it came down to really looking at the core value of the brand and what it stands for; Simplicity and elegance. In those two words, that is really the guy they are designing for. Someone who carries a significant amount of effortless style, but by all means, has his own creative style that inspires others. That guy, is defined by the character, Louis Abel.



Louis Abel proudly launched their first collection called “North” in late 2017.

The heart of the design, is as mentioned before, simplicity and elegance, but also has a significant focus on shapes, materials and silhouettes. Strikingly breathtaking in sharp silver, the rings and bracelets captures those elements beautifully.

Despite the fact that first collection “North” is profiled towards men, Louis Abel actively work for a more gender neutral fashion, stirring away from old traditions where some colours or shapes belong to certain genders. With everything from color choices in packaging to visual expression in image and film, Louis Abel aim to play with the limits of what is feminine and masculine, modern and timeless.eyvar-copy


North, is influenced by the Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism. The collection consists of sterling silver bracelets and rings, all handmade with great attention to detail. To bring this collection to life Louis Abel have collaborated with some of the most talented silver smiths in Sweden. With experience that goes back several generations they have helped make Louis Abels designs come to life with an exceptional level of quality and a love for the craft that one rarely gets to experience.


Louis Abel is truly incredible craftsmanship and the two gentlemen have been able to capture just that in their stunning images for the 2017 campaign. These images make sure you get a truthful visual of what Jimmy and Massih have created, items that will without a doubt, elevate your accessories game for many years to come.

Ladies & gentlemen, Louis Abel




For more images and items, go to louis-abel.com or click HERE

All images owned by louis-abel.com

Shot by Rami Hanna

Styled by Hanna MW

Groomed by Maggie Gelush


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