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I am very happy to announce that I’ve partnered up with Danish Skincare brand, Ecooking. Ecooking produce skincare products which are 100% organic, and natural oils, 100 % vegan (with the exception of their multi balm and lip balm which uses natural beewax) and filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

fsfEcooking is owned by Tina Søgaard, who’s own skin suddenly gained dullness, and lack of firmness. She felt that none of the skincare products on the marked helped her issues, so instead she started to experiment in her own kitchen mixing cremes, serums & oils. That is why the company is called Ecooking. Eco with a reference to the organics used in the products, and cooking because the products are developed at home in the kitchen. Every other day, something new was created and preserved in her refrigerator. Using her own mixtures of skincare, she saw results almost instantly, and had by then created 7 products she would incorporate into her own skincare regimen. Friends and family were quick to see the results Tina had obtained, and therefore saw her for advice and problem solvers with whatever skincare problems they had. Suddenly she had products to target all kinds of issues, and rumours about her magic products soon took off. Never with the attention to make a business out of her products, but rather helping those who really had servere issues with their skin, Tina suddenly got the attention of dermatologists, and stores who wanted her products. Soon, a new business was born. Most importantly though, was that the exposure really emphasised the goal Tina had had all along. Helping others.

372934_480_370_21_0_1156_799_2Tina Søgaard, founder & CEO

Now, this is my first blog post recommending a skin care product, with that simple reason that I have extremely sensitive skin and therefore hesitant to talk about any products whatsoever because most just fall flat in their efficiency. But I must say, that I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well some of the products from Ecooking perform.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those types of people who splash water in their face during the morning, and then leave with healthy looking skin. God knows, if I could have that I’d never complain again. I’ve been through it all. Facial: Eczema, red & itchy skin, flaky skin, oily skin, acne, and now, my skin has decided to be drier than the desert of Sahara. (Though my body skin has always just been super dry) I’ve tried almost every product on the marked (you name it, I’ve tried it) to make sure I had the best healthy looking skin possible. Not being something I enjoy spending time and money on, but rather a necessity. Mostly because I work part time as model, and need to have good skin, but also because you just seem more groomed when your skin is looking its best. And apparently I’m not the only one who wants to make sure my skin looks great. Studies show, that the skincare business is to reach more than 11 billion dollars, in the US alone in 2018. Last year, mens skin & haircare totalled a whopping 21 billion worldwide.

An old colleague who now works for the company, reached out and asked if I could be interested in their products. Couldn’t hurt, I thought to myself, since there were no strings attached, and only a trial period to see if the products were something useful to me. But I’m very happy I decided to take on this brand because they have definitely helped my skin a lot. I’ve been using some of their products for a couple of months, and some I’ve just been using for a couple of weeks because they’re new products.

Here’s my thoughts on the products I’ve used for my current

 Dry, irritated, breakout prone and sensitive skin:

sdgsgzdgEcooking offers two cleansers. The cleansing milk (pictured) and then a cleansing gel. I was first offered the cleansing gel, which is for normal to oily skin. (You can have a look here) Though the guy with normal skin will no doubt benefit from it (or if you have oily/ acne prone skin), I got extremely dry from using it every day. Just goes to show, how sensitive my skin really is. I use it twice a week to deep cleanse instead. For that it’s great. I also use the cleansing gel every time I’ve done sports. I’m now using the cleansing milk, which is a much better match for my skin. Really goes on smoothly and doesn’t dry out my skin at all. (Gotta say, every face wash dries out my skin a little no matter what, but this keeps it to a minimum or no dryness at all) You can feel after you shower or wash your face, that your skin is soft and slightly moisturized. You’re suppose to put it on a wet cotton pad, though I just put it on my face morning and night, and then rinse it off with water.

Cleansing milk, 200 ml HERE

gfgfggThe E-Vitamin serum is to give your skin moisture, with healing benefits. Also good if you suffer from dry acne. Works well on small cuts (razor cuts), scarring, and just dry skin in generel. I really like this product, and use it around my beard area (yup I do actually have some sort of a pathetic excuse for bearded areas) since I tend to razor cut myself there often, (again, how is that even possible with the amount of beard I have?? 😛 ) Also prone to smaller breakouts around the beard area. I must say, the product is also really effective when it comes to scarring. If I cut myself, or had a breakout, this eliminates the redness pretty quickly.

Vitamin E Serum 20 ml HERE

The super serum has an extreme high potent of anti-age effect and filled with moisture for your skin. Supposed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Hexapeptide-8 which is considered a natural botox ingredient. Now, personally I don’t care about fine lines and wrinkles (maybe it’s because I’m Asian and don’t have any 😛 ) and for the botox thing, not something I care for either 🙂 However, it is highly moisturising which is to really good use for me – Especially under my nose, and cheeks. It has practically eliminated the dryness and itchiness I’ve had in those areas.

Super Serum 20 ml HERE

gdfgfggdfThese two products I’ve only been using for a couple of days just to test them out. (I’ve got some other cremes I need to finish up first) but they smell incredible and goes on nicely.

The day creme is with buckthorn, and contains hyadisine which provides long lasting moisture. It also contains Trylagen whichs provides your skin with collagen boost.

Day creme 50 ml HERE

The night creme is filled with Hexapeptide and natural amino acids to help reduce fine lines and give your skin extra moisture during the night.

From using the products only for about a week, I’d say they’re really good products. They help fight the dryness I’m in constant combat with at the moment and they don’t irritate my skin as most skincare cremes does. The simple fact that they don’t irritate my skin is enough for me to recommend them. If my skin can tolerate these, I’m pretty sure anyone with sensitive skin will be happy with these, since I’m beyond what you would call sensitive. More like paper thin, ridiculously hypersensitive.

Night creme 50 ml HERE

drgggThis product is by far my most favourite product from the line. It is honestly the first hair & body wash I’ve used where I don’t need to plaster on thick cremes when I’ve been in the shower, because I’m dried out. I use this every time I shower, both as a shampoo and body wash. That’s it. And now, when I leave the shower I just dry up and I’m ready to go! The product contains Aloe Vera, and abyssinian oil. Also leaves you with a nice citrus and masculine sent. (So I’ve been told 😉 ) It has also completely eliminated any sort of dry scalp I’ve had in the past.

Hair & Bodywash 250 ml HERE

gdzggdgdThis product is really good for dry areas. Though the bodywash is making sure I’m not dry at all, on the body part, I still have areas that can dry out during the day. Especially my elbows and hands. I hate moisturising any body part, period, but this product goes on nice and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It’s also good for a dry beard (if you have a beard that is) You can even use it if you have dry hair. Simply take a few drops of it into your wet hair and voila.

Beard & body oil 100 ml HERE

Now, bare in mind, everyone’s skin is different, and what might work for me, might not work for you and vice versa. It really is all about testing and finding out what your skin needs. The products I use now, I really like and they definitely help fight the issues I have – There’s no doubt that I’m gonna continue using these products, of course throughout our partnership, but also if that should come to an end.

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Groom away at Ecooking HERE – or if you’re nearby Lyngby Storcenter you can actually purchase the products in Matas, while Ecooking is working on having their products on shelves nationwide!

Note: Haven’t had the time to use the face mist nor the multi balm when this post was written. Update will follow.

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