1-1img_0141Some time ago, I scrolled through my Instagram explore feed and this cool dark haired guy popped up. His choice in clothing immediately caught my eye. Standing tall, looking cool, slick and casual in a way where everything just made sense. He was wearing his british army trousers from the 1950’s paired with a unique shearling jacket from Schott NYC. His name – Nathaniel Assseraf (you can read more about him here). And like a map, he guided me to what I truly found to be a hidden treasure in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. In the next couple of lines, you will be able to read a little bit more about what I found in that treasure chest:

Broadway & Sons, a vintage dealership that has managed to specialise in military and denim menswear, was founded by Nathaniels father, Mr. David Asseraf. Born in Casablanca, Marocco in the 1950’s and with Spanish & Jewish decent, he moved to Paris, France with his parents at the tender age of 8. In 1969, David permanently moved to Sweden, because of love. By the time he turned 21, David started buying vintage clothing from Danish store, “Flip Machine”, owned by three french guys – Shortly after, he started to do wholesale in Sweden. Davids vintage passion came mostly from the 70’s era. The styles, colours and cars were all inspirations to what David has created today.

Based in the center of Gothenburg, the store, ‘Broadway’, became a reality in may, 1982. The name of the store was inspired by Broadway, New York, and with a clear reference to American vintage clothing, and the american lifestyle which David loved dearly. He later changed the name of the store to ‘Broadway & Sons’ because he was blessed with his first son in 1993, Nathaniel. ‘Sons’ was used in plural, hoping he would be blessed a second time with another son, which he later was. Noam Asseraf was born in 2002. Besides Noam and Nathaniel, David also has a beautiful daughter, Audrey, born in 1996.

Having only followed Broadway & Sons on Instagram for a couple of days I immediately knew, that I had to visit the store in some shape or form. Completely spellbound by the aesthetics of the store and the variety of clothing, I religiously kept myself updated on their website making sure I knew exactly what to go for, when I finally entered the doors to vintage heaven. Davids passion and clear vision of what he wants for his store, transcends beautifully though the social media app that is Instagram, an app that is run by his sons to accommodate both the high demand, but also to help expose the well-crafted store and its assortment.

Gathering new vintage items for his store, David looks for different patterns, stamps and unique pieces – Most importantly, quantity with quality. Constantly on the go, travelling frequently to the United States & France, Davids 35 years in the business has gotten him a lot of contacts which helps ease the search when he has to get new supplies.

19With Noam & Christine, April 29th ’17

Upon arriving at the store, I’d been in contact with Noam (who works at the store) through Instagram who like his brother, seemed like an incredible down to earth, helpful and kind individual. Those words were exactly what Noam was in person. Being greeted in a truthful, respectful manner whose ability to show genuine interest in not only me, but also my two best friends, simply astonished me. Noam, a guy who’s had only 14 birthdays, completely took me off guard with his vintage knowledge, his mature approach to costumers and his seemingly down to earth personality – Considering his young age, I slightly restored my faith in the younger generation after meeting Noam, because his classy behaviour is somewhat lacking in today’s society if you ask me.

Shortly after meeting Noam, I had the pleasure of shaking hands with Mrs. Christine Lemaitre, the beautiful wife of David Asseraf – Having only talked to her for seconds, it was obvious to me, where Noam & Nathaniel had inherited some of their kindness and earthly behaviour. Extremely humane, affable, and helpful in all sorts of ways, Christine felt like an extension of the store – Through her, you could feel the store, breathe, boom with anecdotes and within the endless racks of clothing, still carrying on the history in all of the items. David was unfortunately not present when I visited, but was in New York searching for more gold for his treasure chest. However, Noam and Christine completely made the long trip all worth while making sure not only I, but every single costumer, was taken care of.

Though vintage being a huge part of the family now, the antiquated clothing was not always something Davids sons understood; it took them both a while to see the possibilities and opportunities in items that weren’t necessarily what most people would wear. Today that has all changed, and both Noam and Nathaniel are exquisite exampels on how to both style and wear vintage. Nathaniel has moved to Paris, but still keeps faithful to his fathers teachings, while Noam continues to provide expertise in familiar surroundings.

Like the younger generation of Asserafs, I myself have had an epiphany and now see an endless universe of potentials in vintage, being able to have a relaxed, everyday look to which your style both oozes confidence, class and most importantly, style out of the ordinary.

And with the help of social media, the business, who will celebrate its 35th anniversary next friday on may the 19th, (click for event info here) is climbing rapidly in the ranks. Davids sons have helped put Broadway & Sons on the international map, namely by their Instagram account @broadwaysandsons, but also through their newly launched website broadwayandsons.com to make sure costumers doesn’t have to fly to Gothenburg every time they need a restock of cool pieces. That being said, I would urge you to take the time to go visit this landmark. Within these walls, you will discover everything the heart desire, whether you’re into vintage or not. The store offers items to compliment what I found most exciting, clothing that makes you stand out of from the conventional crowd. My friends and I spent roughly two and half hours going through shelves, racks and piles of vintage pieces which included US Army shirts, French Legion Chinos, workwear jackets and perhaps my favourite item – The french navy denim trousers!! (You can have a look at the trousers I bought, here). Worth mentioning also, is that Broadway & Sons doesn’t just target military and denim costumers, but have expanded to also selling workwear, sportwear alongside Levi’s, sneakers from the 1970’s German army, shearling coats and printed Hawaii shirts.

There is no second guessing, vintage clothing is persistently growing in popularity, and with the world modernising in all sorts of ways, many of us are trying to hold on to the past and it’s glorious days where garments were worn with class and elegance – A timeless era who at it’s finest hour could never be duplicated.

 But with dreamers and passionate stars like David; and the beautiful support of his family, we still have the prospect of reliving those hours in a small sense, and carry on the legacy and the history of the clothing – Indeed, that is what truly is the most captivating movement of Davids vintage store.

img_4635Congratulations Mr. David Asseraf, on 35 years of being, a pioneer;

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Monday – Friday: 11-18

Saturday: 11-17

Sunday: Closed

Korsgatan 7, 411 16 Göteborg, Sverige

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