I find inspiration in almost everything when it comes to how I want to dress. Whether that is my friends, magazines or just walking down the streets of Aarhus, you will most of the time get inspired in some sort of way. That being said, my biggest source of inspiration comes from Instagram, a platform where anything goes, and where you have access to millions of images. Those images help inspire, but also create content for my own profile – And the best part, people I meet through this platform are genuine, down to earth and likeable people, being no different with these four guys. Since two of the guys are Swedish, and me not being familiar with how good they are in Danish, this blog post will be in English. Also taking into account, that the translater app on this blog, isn’t quite as I had hoped for 😉


JIMMY LOUTFI // @jimmyloutfi


Jimmy Loutfi is a 26 year old lad from Borås, Sweden where he works as a Mechanical Engineer. Right now, he’s also working on his startup brand “Louis Abel” which will offer high quality accessories for men. I personally can’t wait until the launch, because I know that it’s gonna be worth wearing. (You can follow his brand here).

I stumbled across his Instagram profile a long time ago, and it didn’t take me long to scroll through his feed before I pressed follow, because his style was just on point. To me, Jimmy really embodies the true meaning of someone who is dapper. Well-groomed, always well-dressed. Whether that is in a slick suit, or casually strolling down the streets of Borås wearing a hat, a t-shirt and sneakers, he always manages to perfect his look in a way where it looks easy and effortless. Like myself, Jimmy always dress in terms of what mood he is in, on that particular day, and he has a certain weakness for fine tailored Italian suits and jackets which he mixes with other laid back items from his wardrobe.

He also has a serious hat game going on, with Brixton being my absolute favourite, and can be seen wearing cool accessories like rings, bracelets and sunglasses. The most inspiring thing about Jimmy though, is not his choice in clothing, but rather his kind mind and his supportive nature. Hopefully one day, our paths will cross 🙂

Besides his great Instagram updates wearing classic items, you can also follow him on beautiful travel destinations, and probably also spot him holding hands with it-girl, stylist, fashion editor and girlfriend Hanna, who currently has more than 47.ooo followers on Instagram. Want to be inspired on how to be, and dress like a gentleman? Follow Sir. Jimmy Loutfi.

NATHANIEL ASSERAF // @nathanielasseraf


This 23 year old dude, Nathaniel Asseraf, is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, but moved to Paris in september. In the land of baguettes, he works as a sales associate at Ralph Lauren.

Nathaniel is someone I just recently discovered on Instagram, and was immediately drawn to his insane style. Spotting vintage pieces from Gothenburg based store, Broadway & Sons (you can follow them here), Nathaniel is a huge inspiration to my daily wardrobe. That being so, because I’m currently a big fan of oversize dresspants, larger bomber jackets and casual denim. Nathanial himself, is influenced by movies, random moments, dreams and his clearly large scale of imagination. He always manages to stay true to his look, though making sure he doesn’t limit his look which still differs from one day to another.

His outfits are literally always styled to perfection, and changes up his looks in subtle ways, yet still enough to create an entire new outfit – I always find it appealing when someone isn’t wearing a new outfit everyday, but rather use the items you have with whatever new you might have found.

There is no doubt, that Nathaniel has an eye for detailing, which you will see in both his choice of clothing, but also in his accessories, particularly his watches and rings. With his rockstar music face, combined with his boheme, army and casual looks, there is no doubt that this guy’s Instagram is gonna take off anytime soon. I personally hope to run into him, next time I go to Paris; I’m sure he’s good for a reliable fashion advice or two hence his job position at Ralph Lauren, and his own impeccable style 😉


LASSE RIBERGÅRD // @lasseribergard


28 year old Lasse Ribergård is a nationwide known menswear blogger, who blogs on sidseloglasse.com – A fashion blog he has been running with his longtime girlfriend Sidsel, since 2009. I’ve known Lasse for many years now, but first got in contact with him when I send an e-mail his way, asking about a cool H&M trend blazer he was wearing on his blog. (A blazer I actually still have hanging in my closet). Fast forward to 2017 and now Lasse and I have become relatively good friends. Lasse is also the guy who put me on this blog platform, bloggersdelight.dk, being the project manager for the Aarhus department of Bloggers Delight.

With his blog having thousands of readers every day, Lasse has racked up almost 5.000 followers on Instagram where he posts outfit pictures. You will, however also be inspired by all his travels, his everyday life in the heart of Aarhus, and his passion for photography. All moments he captures beautifully.

Lasses handsomeness certainly allows him to get away with wearing basic items and still look good, but I mostly find inspirations in his looks when he combines items from different genres. He’s good at paring coats, sneakers, dresspants with cool jewellery and a hat and still make it look cohesive. You try that, and see if it works – I couldn’t pull it off! Like myself, Lasse also has a pretty hefty jacket selection, and I often tell him, not to sell any of it, before he’s asked me first if I want it. And does he remember? You have one guess 😉

Since we’re both brand ambassadors for Jack & Jones, you’ll probably see more of us together in the future, both online and in stores.

LASSE WINTHER // @lassestv


The last guy in this blog post, is 25 year old Lasse Winther. He is the store manager of the brand, S.T. Valentin, owned by Nikolaj Valentin & Steffen Larsen. You can follow them here. Though not one of the owners, there’s no doubt that Lasse has become S.T. Valentins third face, helping out buying items for the store, and making sure everything at the store runs smooth and looks great for the many customers they have on a daily basis. Pretty much everyone knows “Lassestv” in our hometown Aarhus, and with good reason 😉

Besides that, he has become one of my really good friends, and every time I either hang out with him, or visit him at S.T. Valentin, it’s with hugs and laughs – He’s got the best sense of humour and some of our conversations are just ridiculously hilarious.

A humble guy in mind, he’s also a humble guy in clothing meaning, that he’s not flashy or over the top. He really perfects his looks with subtle yet still significant detailing making sure his outfits are never boring. Whether it’s with hats, his selections of sneakers, and without a question, his love for overshirts and layering, Lasse always looks cool and current. He’s someone I really admire, both in mind and in style.

If you ever visit Aarhus as a foreign or domestic traveller, you shouldn’t think twice about visiting this guy, nor the store. Having existed since 2008, the family that is S.T. Valentin offers exceptional customer service as well as brands such as Filippa K, Gant Rugger, Wood Wood & Super by Retrosuperfuture. – Lasse will surely guide you through everything that the fashion heart desires, and provide inside knowledge, to hand you an experience that is anything but ordinary.


  • Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Thank you Kristian! Im waiting for you in Paris.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Kristian Brandt

      Haha, cool mayn! Would be a pleasure 🙂

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Brandt! And I promise I’ll try to remember you next time I’m about to sell something out of my wardrobe;)

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Kristian Brandt

      Lasse, det er helt okay at svare på dansk! Haha! Og ja, prøv da lige at husk mig!! Hils fruen, ses snart!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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